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A summit for a new dynamic of cooperation in the Mediterranean



The Summit of the two shores, Forum of the Mediterranean, to relaunch a new dynamic of cooperation, will be held Monday in Marseille with the participation of 10 countries, in addition to Germany and the European Union.

This summit, which is said to be formal, is part of the 5 + 5 Mediterranean Dialogue, which brings together five states on the southern shores of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya) and five States of the North Shore (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malta).

The Algerian delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum, who will hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the talks. Announced at first as a summit of heads of state around the western Mediterranean, it has been reduced to the ministerial level. No explanation has been provided for this purpose at this time.

The European Union, Germany, but also the pan-Mediterranean organizations and the main international economic organizations present in the region are associated with this initiative.

The main international economic organizations are the World Bank (WB), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

This meeting aims to relaunch the momentum of cooperation in the Western Mediterranean through the implementation of concrete projects for human, economic and sustainable development in the region.

Moreover, the summit associates « fully » the civil society which will have to define a new « positive » agenda for the Mediterranean. It therefore integrates civil society through, on the one hand, five thematic preparatory forums and a synthesis meeting organized by countries of the 5 + 5 Dialogue, which is mobilized by a hundred « qualified » personalities from the Mediterranean civil society stemming from Dialogue 5 + 5 countries (Assembly of Cent).

Depending on the host country, all reflections and proposals for initiatives will be shared with leaders at the summit to determine which ones will be implemented as a priority.

During the course of the work, the participants will deal with themes related to youth, culture, economy, innovation, media, tourism, environment, sustainable development and energy.

These initiatives, which must have a regional or multilateral character, can take, according to the Quai d’Orsay, several forms, including collective actions, concrete projects, suggestions for common public policies, common concepts, institutions to create, Mediterranean appellations or regulations.

The summit should lead to declarations, decisions and joint innovative projects for the Mediterranean, it was said.

President Emmanuel Macron, initiator of this meeting, will participate in the proceedings and chair the closing ceremony, said the Elysee who said Friday that the ambition of this meeting is to « express a desire for the Mediterranean » and « launch a dynamic « cooperation between these countries around concrete projects, while examining the current problems related to immigration south-north, trafficking or radicalism.