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African market: Algeria a strategic economic partner for Seoul



South Korea aims to strengthen relations with Africa, particularly at the economic level, considering that Algeria constitutes in this context « an important partner », said Monday in Algiers the representative of a scientific and diplomatic delegation South Korean.

Invited to hold a conference at the University of Economic Sciences and Management Algiers 3, the professor at the level of the Europe-Africa study department of the South Korean Diplomatic Academy, Kim Dongsuk, estimated that « the Algeria represents a very important country geographically and geopolitically, constituting a point of connection between Europe and Africa « .

Praising Algeria’s assets, such as its large area, its rich resources and its large economic market, Professor Dongsuk said that his country considers Algeria as an important partner in Africa.

« South Korea is giving more and more importance to its relations with African countries, South Korean companies are investing more in African countries and economic relations with Africa have widened, » he said. points out.

In addition, the South Korean representative believed that his country can also learn a lot from Algeria, especially in terms of security and coexistence, two important aspects for his country, he said, given the southern geopolitical context -Korean.

« In addition, the South Korean government also aims to hoist its relations with African countries on the security aspect, » said Dongsuk, stressing that South Korea believes that « political stability is a prerequisite for development. economic ».

He recalled that the government of his country regularly funded peacekeeping missions led by the African Union.

During a press briefing on the sidelines of this conference, the University representative, Lazhar Marouk, welcomed the reception of this South Korean delegation « from the largest scientific establishment in this country ».

« This is a positive point for Algeria in order to benefit from the experience of emerging countries in the economic and social sectors in particular », he explained, noting the solid relations between the two countries in historical, political terms and economical.

« South Korea sees Algeria as an African hub and the country’s economic policy takes into account the fact that Algeria represents a gateway to the African continent, » concluded Mr. Marouk.