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ALGERIA / + 24% drop in imports of medicines



Thus, imports of edible fruits (fresh or dried fruits) amounted to 131.62 million usd in the first five months of 2019, compared with 82.16 million dollars in the same period last year, an increase of 60.20%, details the DEPD.

Imports of live animals reached 119.37 million usd, against 95.02 million usd (+ 25.62%) during the same comparison period.

This upward trend also affected miscellaneous food preparations, which rose from US $ 124.23 million to US $ 136.25 million in the same period of 2019 (+ 9.68%).

In addition to these main products, the rest of the food was imported for US $ 644.02 million, compared to US $ 586.35 million (+ 9.83%).

Regarding soybean oil and its fractions, even refined, their imports fell by 5.84%, to 266.31 million usd, against 282.82 million usd.

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For drugs (classified in the group of non-food consumer goods), their import bill decreased to US $ 415.17 million from US $ 547.70 million in the same period last year. the previous year, a decline of more than 132.53 million usd (-24.20%).

As a reminder, new mechanisms for regulating merchandise imports, including food products (excluding strategic food products), had been put in place since the beginning of 2018 to reduce the trade deficit and promote domestic production.

The Ministry of Commerce announced last April 14 provisions to strengthen the supply of the market during the month of Ramadhan, including the relaxation of food imports such as meat.

In this context, it was decided to remove from the list of products subject to the Provisional Additional Dockage Fee (DAPS), fresh or chilled beef, dried fruit (peanuts, almonds …), dried fruit (grapes dry, prunes …) and dietary foods for medical purposes and other products (butter …).