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ALGERIA Food: + 10.5% decline in the import bill for the first 5 months of 2019



The bill for Algeria’s imports of food products fell by more than 400 million dollars (-10.5%), during the first five months of 2019, APS learned from the Algerian Customs Directorate-General ( DGD).

Overall, the food import bill reached US $ 3.53 billion (US $ bn) in the first five months of this year, compared with US $ 3.95 bn in the same period last year, a decline of nearly $ 416 million (-10.52%), says the Directorate of Studies and Prospects of Customs (DEPD).

This decrease is mainly due to a decrease in imports of cereals, milk and milk products, sugars, etc.

Representing nearly 33% of the food import structure, cereals, semolina and flour reached 1.153 billion US dollars, against nearly 1.433 billion US dollars in 2018, a decrease of 19.46%.

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Imports of dairy products also fell to US $ 619.16 million, from US $ 701.13 million, also down almost 11.7%.

The import bill for sugar and sugar confectionery also fell to US $ 324.04 million, compared to US $ 377.01 million (-14.05%).

Same trend for residues and waste from the food industries, including cakes and other solid residues that were imported for nearly 240 million usd, against 354.54 million usd, down -32.14%.

From January to May, the decline also affected other food products, but smaller. These are coffee and tea imports of US $ 152 million, compared to US $ 156.26 million (-2.73%), and those of vegetables (-2.37%), totaling US $ 134 million. US $ 12 million compared to US $ 137.38 million in the same period of comparison.

In contrast, other product groups in the import structure experienced increases during the comparison period. The most concerned are edible fruits, live animals and finally various food preparations.