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ALGERIA: « record » production of wheat and barley



A « record » production estimated at 39,000 quintals of wheat and barley was achieved under the current harvest-threshing campaign in the wilaya of Jijel, against 20,000 quintals inventoried during the last season, said Sunday the director by interim agricultural services, Mouloud Boudjerda.

The same source explained to the APS that this « record production was achieved thanks to the mechanization of the cereal harvesting phase, as well as raising farmers’ awareness of the different possibilities of State support for the cereals sector. « , emphasizing that the wilaya of Jijel has experienced » regular rainfall « , which allows to strengthen the plowing of farmers and increase production.

« The strengthening of the sector with three new combines acquired by farmers in the communes of Setara, Milia and Djimla under the R’fig credit also encouraged farmers to move towards grain farming, » added the same manager. .

Mr. Boudjerda recalled that the wilaya of Jijel which totals 44,000 hectares of agricultural area had only one combine and farmers had to wait for the transport of gear from other wilayas to harvest their grain production, detailing that the procedure is passed on to the cereal crop.

Also, the area allocated to the cultivation of cereals has increased from 700 hectares to 1,512 ha with an average yield of 27 to 40 quintals per hectare, revealed the manager, thanks to the accompaniment and the sensitization of the farmers, in particular in terms opportunities offered by the R’fig credit for the acquisition of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

On another note, the same source stated that the harvest of pulses including beans and chickpeas in the wilaya of Jijel has reached 5,700 quintals, stressing that efforts are being made to develop the lentil crop.

As a reminder, the wilaya of Jijel has an agricultural area estimated at 98,000 hectares, of which 44,600 useful agricultural area (UAA) divided between 39,000 hectares of pasture and 7,230 hectares irrigated.