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Algerian and Mauritanian borders connected to the fiber optic network



The Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technologies and Digital, Houda-Imane Feraoun, proceeded on Tuesday in Tindouf to the inauguration of the project of connection of the Algerian-Mauritanian borders to the fiber optic network, thanks to the completion of the last Tindouf-K75 border crossover fiber optic section, a distance of 75 km.

The commissioning ceremony for this cable took place in the presence of local authorities as well as the general manager of Algeria Telecom (AT) Mohammed Anouar Abdelouahed.

Ms. Feraoun also laid the foundation stone for a project to build a technical center for TA at this border crossing, an infrastructure that « will facilitate the connection of the fiber optic cable with the neighboring and African countries, « it was explained to AT.

A TA manager, Abderraouf Hammouche, said that the project to lay 75 km of optical fiber between Tindouf and the K75 border crossing « was made possible thanks to the commissioning, quite recently, of the fiber optic network connecting Adrar to Tindouf over a distance of 1100 km, via the locality of Chnachen, thus allowing several remote regions of the country to be connected to the Internet. « 

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The installation of the cable between Tindouf and the border with Mauritania was completed in less than two months, by the technical teams and workers of AT, thus reducing the financial envelope to -50% of its real value, a he added, adding that this cable « will allow Algeria to deploy internationally ».

He indicated, moreover, that the wilaya of Tindouf has a commercial agency (Actel), 5 commercial presence points, 9 technical centers, and offers services to nearly 9500 subscribers to fixed telephony, more than 5000 subscribers to the ‘ADSL and 11,700 subscribers to 4GLTE.

He also announced that « more than 172,500 km of fiber optic cable have been deployed across the country, including 102,000 km by AT and 69,500 km by COMENTAL, a subsidiary of the Algeria Telecom Group ».

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