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Aquacultur / Entry into operation of 60 new projects end of 2019



By the end of 2019, the number of projects completed in the field of aquaculture will reach 130 projects after the completion of 60 new programmed projects (40 in seawater and 20 in freshwater).

These projects will achieve a production of 52,440 tons, profits exceeding 41 billion Da, and the creation of 9,264 new jobs.

In order to complete the completion of these projects in a timely manner, the Heads of the Directorate-General for Fisheries and Aquaculture monitor the farms more closely and use all means of communication via the Internet on a daily basis. to stay in touch with investors.

In addition, the sector recorded in 2018 a total of 223 applications for investment in the field of inland aquaculture filed by private investors at the wilayas management level, of which 58 projects benefited from concession agreements (26 %) and 31 projects entered into operation, in addition to another 20 which will enter into operation at the end of 2019.

As for inland fisheries, 75 investors holding concessions and operating at 61 water bodies, produced around 1955 tonnes of fish in 2018 at 21 wilayas.

Four wilayas lead in this activity, namely, Ain Defla with 513 tons (12 investors), Relizane with 446 tons (8 investors), Bechar with 294 tons (4 investors) and Tizi Ouzou with 174 tons (3 investors).

To support this activity, the year 2018 saw the production of 2,600,000 units of fry eggs and larvae seeded at dams and ponds, the registration of five (05) eel exploitation projects. in the wilayas of Skikda (Oued El Kebir), Boumerdes (Oued Isser and Oued Sbaou) and 02 projects in El Tarf, (Oubeira Lake and Tonga).

With respect to aquaculture integrated with agriculture, in 2018, the National Fish Stocking Program included more than 1401 watersheds from which farmers received a total of 204,000 fish fry and eggs. .

According to Oussaid, this operation will improve the yield of more agricultural land and improve the multiple use of water, which has led to the training of 2304 farmers in 2018 at the local level, out of a total of 28,167 targeted farmers.

With regard to the activity areas of the fishing and aquaculture professions, 79 activity zones have been identified for the reception of aquaculture activities in 2018, including 31 areas authorized by decision of walis and 31 areas whose administrative procedures are being finalized. The same manager foresees the creation of 22 zones at the end of 2019.

In the framework of the implementing texts relating to the areas of activity of the fishing professions in aquaculture, nine (09) zones of activity were approved by the Council of Ministers, on November 21, 2018 (the executive decree is in progress of publication), distributed in the wilayas of Ain Témouchent, Oran, Mostaganem, Chlef, Tipasa, Boumerdes, Bejaia, Relizane and Tiaret.

The public investment program has enabled the launch of 14 projects amounting to 5.80 billion DA (or 580 billion centimes), mainly aimed at training and orientation of private investors and allow them to easily launch in this activity.

According to Oussaid, funding for some of these projects was part of an international business support partnership that was created to launch the aquaculture activity in Algeria, just like the partnership with European Union in the framework of the project (DIVICO 2), in addition to the partnership with South Korea, for the implementation of a pilot project for each activity in aquaculture, capable of ensuring, in the future, training and guidance of private investors.