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Arkab insists on the role of « national skills in major projects »



Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab insisted Wednesday afternoon in Khenchela on the importance of involving and taking advantage of « national skills in major power generation projects ».

During the inspection of the project of a power plant in the commune of R’mila entrusted to a Korean company (GS / Daelim), the Minister invited national public and private companies to invest in national skills in such projects.

The minister instructed the managers of the plant realization company to accelerate the work and catch up with the deficit in the progression of the achievement rate which does not exceed 45% and insisted on the partial reception of the project « at most late in May 2020 « .

Mr. Arkab noted the economic importance of this project that will power the wilayas of Khenchela, Tebessa and Oum El Boaghi and is one of six major projects launched nationwide to reduce by 30% the consumption of the gas energy.

The Minister previously chaired the opening of the new school year at AADL School on the Ain Beida Road, where he attended a presentation on the education sector before visiting the school for deaf-mute children where he attended the distribution of textbooks to young students.