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BEA: a new department to support non-hydrocarbon exports



The Foreign Bank of Algeria (BEA) will now accompany the non-hydrocarbon sectors in export operations in favor of a new department recently created, learned the APS of the communication officer of this financial institution, Djamila Aguendil.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 6th AIG Symposium, organized at the beginning of the week in Oran, the manager told APS that the BEA is a bank created and dedicated exclusively to support companies in the hydrocarbons sector, expand its portfolio by offering to support other sectors of activity in export operations.

« We have been supporting the Sonatrach Group for more than 50 years in its export operations, and through this experience, we are opening the door to all sectors wanting to export, » she said. .

A special export consulting and guidance department has just been created by this bank in order to support and guide customers on the different solutions and procedures dedicated to export.

« We have a good experience in exporting, we have the means and the skills to do it with other sectors other than hydrocarbons, but operators do not know it yet or they are not very well informed. is where the role of the new department comes in, « said Aguendil.

During his visit to the BEA booth in the exhibition held on the sidelines of the AIG symposium, the Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, called on BEA officials to boost and intensify the support in the export component mainly in the field of hydrocarbon derivatives, it is recalled.