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BOMARE COMPANY presents its new platform called  » ARENA  »



Always on the lookout for innovative technologies to offer the best to its customers, BOMARE COMPANY, an Algerian company leader in the sector of the electronics industry, which combines the experience of 18 years of history and the vitality of a young and dynamic company, present at a press conference on Monday, June 17, 2019, its new platform called  » ARENA  » in collaboration with FOXXUM, European leader in the development of smart solutions.
With the countless technological innovations that are revolutionizing the world of television in the digital era, television viewers are seeing their use of television metamorphose, especially with the growth experienced by producers of web content through the evolution of their they no longer have to have a digital demodulator to access their favorite channels or watch the latest movies, and yet, they currently have access to a broad content and entertainment service, with video-on-demand, clips, music, IPTV apps, games, etc …

It is in this context that BOMARE COMPANY has decided to launch the platform ARENA, which compatible with Android TV, will allow customers to enjoy various web services under official licenses, this solution will aim to facilitate the use of smart tv Stream to customers by giving them easy access to streaming videos, live TV, replay as well as VODs.
Containing most of the IPTV applications, streaming TV channels and Radio Web, this platform will bring together leading providers of web content and video on demand such as Netflix, HBO and Rakuten.

To stay up-to-date, ARENA will also allow its fans to have first access to the latest film, video and film news by offering a wide content of themes, movies, series, sports, health, games and programs for children.
ARENA will be developed primarily for the European market, and will be available on the Algerian market from November 2019.

Thanks to the ARENA platform:

  • Facilitate the use of your Smart TV Stream;
  • Start a search to find, the application the movie or the series you want to watch;
  • Create your favorites list;
  • Configure and limit access to different applications through parental control;
  • Access the content of your TV, by duplicating it, on your tablet or smartphone;
  • Use your tablet or smartphone as a remote control;
  • Access detailed content with language choices;
  • Configure your Smart TV according to your preferences and customize your platform: login, language, favorite;
  • You will no longer need an installation for your demodulator;
  • you will not have any connection problem because it will be compatible to all internet connections.

This event will also be an opportunity for BOMARE COMPANY to make a preview of all the presents its new line of TVs STREAM Series 20 which combine ultra refined design and innovative technology through screens with Anti Blue-Ray protectors , this new range will be available from January 2020.

BOMARE COMPANY still maintains its commitment to its customers, seeking to offer the most inventive products.
Stream System trademark of BOMARE COMPANY, will be present it is necessary to remind it to the 52e international fair of Algiers which will be held from June 18 to 23 at the Maritime Safex Pine Trade Fair.

Stream System will occupy a stand of 100 m² located in the Central Pavilion, Zone C, where visitors will discover a full panorama of products  » Stream  » made in Algeria, many animations will be scheduled at the Stream System booth throughout the duration of the fair. This annual event is also a very good door