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Cereals: rise of wheat and maize on Euronext



Wheat and corn prices rose Tuesday in the European market, after falling last weekend.

 Shortly before noon (11.00 GMT), the ton of wheat increased by 0.25 euro on Euronext on the September maturity, to 166.50 euros, and on that of December, to 170.5 euros, for 15.677 lots trades. At the same time, the ton of maize rose from 0.25 euro to 165.25 euro for the November deadline, and 0.50 euro on the January deadline, to 169.25 euro, for just 130 euro. lots exchanged. For maize, favorable weather conditions in the United States lower prices.

  On the other hand, in Europe, the MARS monthly report of the European Commission underlines the contrast between the outlook for yields in the west and north-central of the continent « where maize has suffered from heat waves, and a lack of rainfall. in June, « and south-central and southeastern Europe, where the outlook is » significantly better, « says Inter-brokerage. The market followed Saudi Arabia’s purchase of 780,000 tons of feed barley.
   Egypt has launched a tender for wheat, as well as Turkey.