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Environment: Operation « Scavengers of the sea » Saturday in Tamentfoust (Algiers)



 An operation « Groomers of the sea », intended for the collection of waste and the cleaning of portions of beaches, will take place Saturday with the port of Tamentfoust (Algiers), one knew Wednesday of the organizers.

 Several objectives have been assigned to this ecological operation, the first of the Mediterranean basin which was launched in 1993 in Algeria by a group of young divers.

  On site, participants will take part in a macro-waste recovery, plastic collection and cleaning of portions of beaches, rocky areas and small creeks. The operation, organized by the RECIFS Scuba Diving School, in partnership with the associative movement and corporate citizens, will also allow participants to attend awareness-raising workshops on the preservation of marine biodiversity, through the screening of documentary films relating to the subject. Also, in situ courses on marine litter and the danger of plastic at sea will be provided, with the participation of the Algerian National Organization of Sports Journalists (ONJSA) and the Chaîne III of the National Radio.

 To reach usefulness to the pleasant, the initiators have planned sea trips for children including autistic and trisomic and their families.

It should be recalled that during the previous editions, thousands of volunteers had been mobilized on the beaches of the 14 coastal wilayas of Algeria to succeed in this operation. « We have also succeeded, through these initiatives, in promoting the companies that work on the recycling of waste and reveal to the general public the action and interest of companies in the preservation of the environment », welcomed the president of RECIFS, Hakim Belkessam