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Fisheries: 75 billion private investments in aquaculture



The value of private investment in aquaculture amounted to 75 billion AD for the realization of 271 projects approved by the National Center for Research and Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CNRDPA), said Wednesday Mustapha Oussaïd, Director of Aquaculture Development at the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries.

These investments, which will be made in the medium term until 2022, will produce 111,000 tons of different types of fish, including 105,000 tons of marine aquaculture and 6,000 tons of freshwater aquaculture, and create 24,000 jobs. jobs, Oussaïd said in an interview with the APS.

The value of sales is expected to exceed 87 billion Da (84 billion Da for marine aquaculture and 3.6 billion Da for freshwater aquaculture) after completion of these projects, he said.

Among these projects, 212 have obtained concession contracts by the departments of the State domains, which allowed the launch of the realization of their farms (154 for marine aquaculture and 58 for freshwater aquaculture) with a production capacity of 80,663 tons to achieve a turnover of nearly 68 billion da and create 16,000 jobs after they go into production.

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A total of 491 dossiers were submitted for the implementation of aquaculture projects at the Directorate-General for Fisheries, including 268 marine aquaculture projects (55%) and 223 freshwater aquaculture projects ( 45%), added the same manager.

Mr. Oussaïd highlighted, in this regard, the development of the volume of private investments in aquaculture compared to previous years, recalling the completion, at the end of 2018, of 70 new projects, in the course of exploitation, of which primary production amounted to 5,100 tons of different species of fish (sales of 4 billion DA).

These projects, once the experimental phase is over, should achieve a production of 30,000 tons and generate a turnover of more than 24 billion AD, in addition to the creation of 4,672 new jobs, says the manager.

Mr. Oussaid also believes that the projects are experiencing an unprecedented acceleration, especially given the necessary experience and support provided by the sector to investors, reporting the realization, during the first five years of 2019, 6 new farms aquaculture in the wilayas of Mostaganem, Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Jijel and Annaba.