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Future conclusion of an agreement to promote ecotourism



The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Abdelkader Benmessaoud announced Tuesday in Ain T’emouchent, « the conclusion, in the next few days, an agreement to promote ecotourism, to erect the Algeria in a country pioneer in this type of tourism « .

Speaking on the sidelines of the inspection visit and work he carried out in the wilaya of Ain Témouchent, Mr. Benmessaoud said « the conclusion, in the coming days, of an agreement to the promotion of ecotourism to make Algeria a pioneer country in this type of tourism given the great potential that our country holds, like forests, tourist structures and wealth in terms of national parks and nature reserves « .

« This agreement will be added to those signed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries through the Directorate General of Forests (DGF), which agreements are aimed at developing forest tourism in the context of sustainable development. and the forest economy, « said the minister.

He added, « We are in the process of promoting this environmental partnership as part of the government’s solidarity action and we are preparing to organize a national meeting on environmental tourism by inviting foreign experts to benefit from their experiences and to ‘grant more facilities to invest in this area’.

« Algeria has armed itself with a battery of laws preserving the environment, the coastline, the companions, the national parks in the South and the inner cities », he argued, saying that « the land being ready, it would be wiser to opt for investors rather in this trend based on the protection of the environment and plant cover and ecological « .

Welcoming the bright tourist future of Ain Témouchent, which has major assets in view of the diversity of its reliefs, Mr. Benmessaoud said he was optimistic about the achievements and tourist sites to which Algerians from all over country and even from abroad « .

During this inspection visit, the minister also inquired about the number of hotel structures forming part of the wilaya tourism park as well as other investment projects currently underway.