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Hotels: the rates of the services fixed according to the principle of the supply and the demand



Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Abdelkader Benmessaoud told Ain Temouchent that « hotel rates are set according to the principle of supply and demand, » adding that « the factor of competitiveness has contributed to lower prices in the last two years. « 

« Rates for hotel services are set according to the law of supply and demand, » said Benmessaoud, during a working visit and inspection of a number of investment projects in his sector to the wilaya of Ain Témouchent.

And to add « we have seen these two last years, the opening of several hotel establishments thanks to the investments and the accompaniment of the State ». « The factor of competitiveness contributed in the lowering of tariffs », he put forward.

In this context, the minister said that « the rates are adapted to the purchasing power of citizens.They vary between 4000 AD and 5000 DA per night », qualifying this price as « acceptable and reasonable ».

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Supervising the inauguration of a new hotel structure with a capacity of 250 beds at Rechgoune Beach (Beni Saf), Mr. Benmessaoud reported « a strategy put in place by his department to ensure that service rates are affordable « , calling for reasonable rates including public hotel.

« We have seen a large influx of Algerian tourists including children from our community abroad who have chosen Algeria to spend their holidays, » he said.

The Minister of Tourism and Crafts began his visit by the capital of the wilaya of Ain Temouchent, by going to a hotel with a capacity of 160 beds of the chain « Eden » which has 16 hotels nationwide.

Mr. Benmessaoud praised the quality of this hotel which has been built in accordance with international standards, calling on the occasion, the need to attract foreign tourists to spend their holidays in Algeria and this through the promotion of the national tourism product in an appropriate manner.

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The minister also inspected the project of extending a private sector tourist residence in Ouled Boudjemaâ, located in a tourist expansion zone (ZET) on Sassel beach, highlighting « the need to reflect on the exploitation of these hotel structures throughout the seasons of the year, through the encouragement of forest tourism, climbing mountages, diving, while taking into consideration the potential of the region « .

In the same coastal region, Mr. Benmessaoud inaugurated a 4-star hotel, paying tribute to the quality of the services and the competitive rates applied to them.

Mr. Benmessaoud toured the hotel on his way to the handicraft pavilion, where products from the Ghardaia wilaya are exhibited as part of the craft weeks, welcoming this initiative which helps to promote the handicrafts of this wilaya.

Still in the same local community, Mr. Benmessaoud laid the foundation stone for a project to extend a tourist residence at Terga Beach, before focusing on the important deployment of hotel establishments. all along the coastal strip of the wilaya.

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So that the hotel is a plus for the tourism in this wilaya, the minister instructed the supervisor to reduce the duration of realization from 24 to 12 months.

As part of his inspection visit, the first person in charge of the sector also visited Rachgoun Beach (Beni Saf), an occasion to remind people of the need to use these spaces for sports and cultural activities by place the necessary means.

Referring to the situation of tourism in this wilaya, Mr. Benmessaoud said that the sector was making great strides, reporting « 27 investment projects including 6 hotels with a capacity of 1200 beds. »