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Huawei Telecommunications Algeria organizes its 3rd training day dedicated to journalists



Huawei Telecommunications Algeria held Thursday, at its headquarters in Babezzouar in Algiers, the third training session on ICT for journalists. Thus, about fifteen journalists took part in this day.
This session focuses on the popularization of new information and communication technologies. This initiative, like others, also reflects the desire of Huawei Telecommunications Algeria to allow Algerian journalists to benefit from knowledge in Huawei’s business sector (ICT).
This third day of training focused on the presentation of « safe cities ». Huawei expert Kheireddine Foura, who provided the training, said the safe city principle is « to ensure the safety of people and goods » but also reduce costs and save time. The expert gave several examples of successful projects carried out by Huawei throughout the world, particularly in the African continent, and more precisely in Nairobi, Kenya, saying that this African country is the continent’s tourist and economic center and the government of Africa. Kenya has adopted Safe City solutions as a national strategy to maintain this position. Thus, Huawei teamed with Safaricom to implement the first phase of its Safe City project in Kenya with new ICTs covering Nairobi and Mombasa, the most densely populated cities. At the end of the project, the local security of these cities was improved and, according to the annual police report in Kenya, the crime rate decreased by 46% from 2014 to 2015 in the areas covered by the Safe project. Cityn points out Huawei’s expert.
Today, Huawei is working with partners and customers to build safer, smarter, more secure and connected cities through our new ICT infrastructure featuring cloud – channel – appliance integration. Huawei’s Safe City solutions will completely improve the management of cities and contribute to security and prosperity in African countries. « . To date, Huawei has built more than 700 secure cities around the world.
For its part, Amir Belhadi, Quality Manager at Huawei presented the Huawei Algeria Operations Center. This center, explains M; Belhadi ensures the proper execution of the tasks and the quality of service delivered to the customers. The same center that allowed Huawei to switch to « digital » mode in project monitoring. According to Mr. Belhadi, Huawei has already implemented artificial intelligence, where the system recognizes and validates the quality of remote and real-time installations.

About Huawei Telecommunications Algerie:

Huawei Algeria employs today more than 400 people, including 83% Algerians. In just one year (2017-2018) Huawei Algeria has created more than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in Algeria and cooperates with 120 partners and 200 Algerian suppliers.

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Huawei employs 180,000 people worldwide and is present in 170 countries. Since 2013 Huawei has tripled its turnover, ranking 72nd in the TOP 500 global companies. Huawei’s revenue grew from $ 31 billion in 2013 to more than $ 108 billion in 2018, recording a 30% revenue growth in the first half of this year, despite US restrictions. Huawei focuses in particular on investment in R & D. Each year, 15% of the group’s income is invested in R & D, totaling $ 60 billion over the last ten years.