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It recorded a growth of 24%- Huawei announces its results for the first nine months of 2019



Huawei today announced the results of its activities for the first nine months of 2019, generating sales revenue of 610.8 billion rmb, or more than 86 billion dollars with an increase of 24.4%. compared to the same period of the previous year, while the net yield thus reached 8.7%.

Always focused on ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei is working hard to improve the efficiency and quality of the company’s operations and operations. The first three quarters of 2019 have resulted in stability in both business and internal management of Huawei.

Regarding operator activities, in the context of accelerating the commercial deployment of 5G globally, many operators with a privileged position in the market have joined forces with Huawei to announce innovative solutions including 5G Super Uplink and Intent-Driven Network among others, as well as the important decision to create the Industrial Alliance and the 5G Deterministic Networking Innovation Base, which are designed to support operators wishing to remain innovative. Huawei has already signed more than 60 commercial contracts of 5G, delivered over 400,000 Massive MIMO AAUs in different countries of the world. The production and delivery of optical transmission, data telecommunication and IT products and services have all grown steadily.

Huawei has launched Huawei Horizon Digital Platform, an inclusive, open and highly efficient platform to build together with its partners and customers the foundation of a digital world and an estimated digital industry. to a few trillion US dollars. This platform will support the digital transformation of various sectors including governance, finance, transportation and electricity among others. Until the third quarter of the year, more than 700 cities worldwide, 228 top 500 companies and 58 top 100 global companies have chosen Huawei as their partner to jointly tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

The Cloud service is also growing rapidly. In the third quarter of 2019, Huawei announced for the first time its computing strategy, launching the world’s fastest AI training cluster which is Atlas 900, Huawei Cloud Ascend’s AI cluster services, 112 new services supported by Kunpeng and Ascend processors as well as other innovative products such as Industrial Intelligent Twins. These products have made significant progress in the areas of governance, Internet Service Provider (ISP), automotive, finance and other sectors. More than 3 million users who are businesses and developers are already using Huawei Cloud to develop products and solutions.

For Consumer Business, smartphone sales grew steadily with more than 185 million pieces delivered during the first 3 quarters, an increase of 26% over the same period last year. The activities of PCs, tablets, portable kits, intelligent audio equipment are also progressing at a significant speed. The Smart Screen Vision launched in the third quarter met the approval of professionals and consumers, all convinced of its virtues following the hardware and software innovation of this product. The intelligent ecosystem that puts consumers at the center of our efforts and considers all usage scenarios continues to improve. Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem has also grown rapidly, covering more than 170 countries and regions around the world, attracting more than 1.07 million developers worldwide.