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Project to launch « m-payment » in Algeria early 2020



The Economic Interest Group for Monetics (GIE Monetics) plans to launch the payment by mobile phone (m-payment) in early 2020, announced Wednesday in Algiers its administrator, Madjid Messaoudene.

The launch of « m-payment » is part of the diversification of electronic money services and products in Algeria. This also allows to take advantage of the high rate (111%) of penetration of « smartphones » in the country, he explained to the APS on the sidelines of a day of study on interbank money market in Algeria.

It is an application on « smartphone », designed by GIE Monetic, which will be connected to the interbank network to be able to perform transactions that will be debited on the interbank card (CIB) or that of Algeria Post, the Golden (Edahabia ).

This monetized mode is for proximity payment transactions (in physical commercial spaces) based on intelligent barcodes (QR).

However, this type of « m-payment » has nothing to do with the use of virtual currency or intermediary units to make purchases, prohibited by the Bank of Algeria, he said.

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The GIE Monétique plans, moreover, to launch, by the end of 2019, several products and services such as a new contactless card (Contactless), the payment of bills on vending machines (BillPayment) and the reloading of telephone units ( MobileToUp).

It is also planned the launch of the balances consultation on any vending machine (BalanceCheck), the change of the PIN code and the attribution of a speaking code for the wearer, the withdrawal of money on remote distributors (e-withdrawal), as well as electronic payment solutions adapted to large areas (integrated electronic banking).

As a reminder, GIE Monétique is a regulatory and standardization body of the interbank electronic banking system, whose main mission is to promote electronic banking through the widespread use of electronic payment methods.