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Ratification of the ZLECAF Agreement: official accession of Algeria



Algeria’s ratification of the Agreement on the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAF) will allow it to participate in negotiations relating to its operationalization and also sit on its Council of Ministers, said on Sunday a statement from the ministry of Trade.

Ratification of the Agreement enables Algeria « to participate actively in the negotiations, as a State Party, on questions relating to the operationalization of this free trade area, in particular the questions which remain in outstanding and relating to rules of origin and access to the services market, « the statement said.

This ratification will also allow Algeria « to sit on the Council of Ministers of ZLECAF which is the body in charge of the implementation of the various texts of ZLECAF and of the preparation of the second phase of negotiations which will deal with the intellectual property, competition and investment, « added the same source.

With this ratification, Algeria is the 30th African country to officially join the ZLECAf.

The ZLECAF is a continental geographic area in which goods and services circulate without restriction between the member states of the African Union.

It entered into force on 30 May last with the aim of constituting a single market for goods and services at the continental level, based on the free movement of activities and investments.