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The blockage of the American administration accentuates; Huawei denounces and continues his fight in federal court.



Following the decision of the US government procurement agency that issued a provisional rule prohibiting the purchase by the federal government of telecommunications equipment from five Chinese companies, including Huawei, the Chinese giant reacts and denounces.

Thus, Huawei believes that the news was not « unexpected », but it is only a continuation of the promulgation of the rules set out in the National Defense Administration Act (NDAA) of 2019. However, Huawei continues to « challenge the constitutionality of the prohibition in federal court ».
According to Huawei, the NDAA law and its implementing provisions will do nothing to protect US telecommunications networks and systems, but rather a country-of-origin trade barrier, invoking punitive measures without any evidence of fault.

Ultimately, it is the citizens of rural areas of the United States who will be most affected because the networks they use for digital connectivity rely on Huawei, said Huawei.